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Every pet owner wants their animal companion to live a long, happy life. Unfortunately, even the best cared for pets can develop special needs and physical handicaps that limit their abilities. If this happens, there are many ways pet owners can help their physically challenged pets overcome these...

Outdoor activities are essential for dogs, even during the coldest winter months, and games provide not only exercise and fresh air, but also mental stimulation and bonding with owners that can keep a dog happy and healthy all winter long. Fortunately, there are many different games that can be fun...

Adjusting to a new home can be stressful for any pet, with new sounds and smells, unfamiliar people, a different diet, new schedules and more to learn. When holidays come around, sudden changes – houseguests and visitors, decorations, rearranged furniture, busier schedules, etc. – can be even more...

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Beginner-Basics Classes

3/13/19 7:00pm until 4/17/19 7:50pm
This class is for puppies and dogs 5-months old and up. This is a beginner level course which strengthens the relationship between owners and dogs by creating a common language while setting a foundation for all future learning.