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How To Introduce A New Dog Into The Family

How To Introduce A New Dog Into The Family

Though coming home with a new dog is always exciting, there are a few things an owner, old or new, shouldn’t overlook.

The dog should be approached slowly, at least until he becomes familiar with his new family. Try to avoid making loud noises around your new pet, because it may cause the dog to become nervous and act out.

After a while, your new furry friend will become acquainted with everyone in the household. Try to have every member of the family play with the dog together. This will teach the dog how to interact and play nicely. 

If you have children or other pets such as cats, or even another dog, the dynamics of your pet world will be altered. When bringing a new dog into a household with other pets, one of the most important things to remember is to protect the more vulnerable animal. Dogs are a “pack” oriented species. In their world, you are considered part of their “pack.” If a dog doesn’t think that the new addition is part of the pack, he will, in most cases, not protect it or even attempt to chase it off. If a dog expresses aggressive behavior toward the new dog, it would be your job as the leader of the pack to tell them no, as you want the new addition to be part of your pack. Always let it be known to your new pet that you are the boss. It is vital that the dog respects you and the family. If the dog disobeys you, put him in a kennel or another “time out” space to teach him that misbehaving cannot be tolerated.

Having a new dog can be a lot of work, but the reward of unconditional love is always worth it. If you and your family love and respect the dog, then the dog will return the same affection and respect.