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We are happy to provide other amenities to your dog’s daycare or boarding experience to help enrich their stay. Some add-ons will give your dog something extra to do during naptime or bedtime, while others will add an additional activity to their day to keep them happy and well-exercised!

  • Frosty Paws- $3.00
  • Pumpkin Kong- $3.00
  • Organic Peanut Butter Kong- $3.00
  • 15 minute walk- $8.00
  • 30 minute walk- $14.00
  • 60 minute walk- $20.00
  • Merrick Wet Food Small- $1.00
  • (Seasonal Flavor) Med- $1.50
  • (Seasonal Flavor) Large- $2.50
  • 6” Bully Stick- $3.99
  • 12” Bully Stick- $6.49
  • Bully Ring- $6.49
  • 15 Minutes Private Play Time- $8.00
  • 30 Minutes Private Play Time- $14.00
  • Whimzee Toothbrush- $0.99
  • Medium Whimzee Stick- $1.33
  • Large Whimzee Stick- $2.49

*Private Play Time can be anything you think your dog will enjoy! This includes but is not limited to any combination of toy time, cuddling, basic agility games, and massage.

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