Welcome to A Dog's Life, LLC


Emily Nix

I appreciate all that Amy and the staff at A Dog's Life do for Franklin so much. Franklin goes racing to the door when we arrive, he is so excited to play! He also comes home exhausted after having played all day. I also love that they let me pack him a lunch and provide updates when I pick him up. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a great place for your dog to have a wonderful time while you are at work!

Sara Pettit

Amy and the staff at A Dog's Life are fabulous - patient, kind, and great with our dog. Machi always comes home exhausted and happy, and ADL has been wonderful for socializing her in a way that we couldn't otherwise. Their boarding services are also convenient and reasonable. Highly recommended for any dog owners in the New Haven area!

Coach Marus

Amy calls Boston a ball of energy when he comes in for daycare. He loves going there and gets excited as we turn onto the side street. When we pick him up he is exhausted . Amy and her staff are great and always make Boston feel at home. We highly recommend A Dogs Life!

Connie Vogelmann

Doris absolutely *loves* it here--she has so much energy that she needs more than walks, and this place gives her the outlet she needs. She plays all day and comes home exhausted. A tired dog is a good dog!